Friday, 30 August 2013


Last night I went out with my old work friends into town as a bit of a goodbye before everyone goes off to uni:)! I had a lovely night, it dead go a bit crazy but hey go haha! 

I wore this monochrome asymmetrical dress from River Island which I loooooove! :) they have it in red too but I kinda love a bit of black and white so that's the one I went for :D! 

Ohhhh I've got a new job in Birmingham in the bullring at Forever 21 yaaaay :D 

Meg xo 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Spin that record babe.

So I'm off to Frankie & Bennys soon, I haven't been in so long so I'm quite looking forward to indulging into some beaut food! :) I might even try something different - I'm forever playing it safe with my philly burger :D - TIME FOR A CHANGE!
Yesterday I travelled down to Birmingham, I'm moving there in two weeks to start university so I wanted to go to A. get an outfit for bank holiday and B. to do some job hunting! I literally gave my cv out to every shop in the Bullring, but most places said they had no jobs booo. I'm quite scared that  I'm forever going to be skint whilst being a student :(!
But on the bright side I'm soooo excited to move and begin the student life (well nervous too!)
On the outfit front, I looooove my fluorescent pink cigarette trousers - these were recently purchased from NEXT for £16 in the sale :) I've paired them with a small chiffon blouse with this baggy/batwing monochrome jumper on top which I purchased yesterday for £15 from Forever 21. I always think that shop is a hit or miss. It's soooo cheap but dispite it being huggggge, there's only ever one or two things that stand out for me in there! But I really liked this jumper so ching ching went the till :) !
Anyway off I am as soon I'm heading off to eat huge amounts :D

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Peplum power!

A wee little outfit post of what I'm wearing today! So into the shorts and boots combo at the moment. These shorts are a bit of a makeshift creation - they were once a playsuit but I got bored of the playsuit and never wore it so decided to turn it into a pair of everyday black baggy shorts (Love a bit of recycling!) I am wearing the shorts with a black peplum top, tanned waist belt tanned boots and cream fitted blazer. The blazer is a newbie to my wardrobe and I looooove it. I purchased in River Island sale for £20..such a bargain! :) I have accessorised the whole outfit with my statement coral necklace and black hat!
I have just came back from V festival in Stafford so thought I'd share some pics with you! It was the best weekend and I saw around 20 acts including BeyoncĂ©, Calvin Harris, The Vaccines, Two Door, Ellie Golding, Kings Of Leon and looooooaddssssss more! :D BeyoncĂ© and Calvin Harris were definitely my fave though! It was my first proper festival and I loved it and will 100% be doing it all over again next year! :) wooooooo #ALAN



Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Yesterday I had a really nice day with one of my friends, we decided to go down to a nearby river in Barrow and hire a rowing boat and have a picnic (this is what single girls do haha!!) Despite being absolutely shocking at rowing the boat and ending up going in circles it was such a cute day in the sun and to finish we had a pimms in the sun at a local pub... beautiful! (:
I went kinda casual in my denim shorts - the most essential thing in my summer wardrobe. I also loooooove this kimono, I've purchased it for my holiday (2 days guys) but wanted to wear it before :). This was from Boohoo for £20 and I didn't think that was too bad price wise as a lot of kimonos I've seen are £30+!
Sunglasses - h&m sale
Necklace - New Look
Vest Top -
Kimono -
Sandals - ZARA
Denim shorts - old.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Leopard and coral.

Outfit post!

I got this playsuit a few months ago in a TOPSHOP sale for £10! Gotta love a bargain :-) I decided to get my legs out today without tanning and WOW what a mistake.. as soon as I got into the light outside I realised that my milk bottles need some serious nurturing :(!

I would write where I got all my things from but to be honest only the necklace is a recent purchase as I'm not really one of them people that wears things once as I realllllllly can't afford it - as much as I wish I could!!

15 days until my holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ;)


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

curls, crosses and knobbly knees

Firstly, why are my pictures going so blurry as soon as I upload them to my posts!?
(somebody helllllllp!?) 

This is just a general outfit post from today! :) This is a dress from last year but I decided I didn't really like it on its own - abit too girly for my liking, so I layered this blue cotton blouse under to give it a bit of a touch. :)
And as for the shoes...
I think I've actually fell in love with these. They seem to be the only shoes that I am wearing recently!
I also went shopping today and got my last - but probably not my final bits for holiday. I go Zante in 17 days yaaaaay!:)
I'll probably create a post over the next few days with all my new holiday gear!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Drinks on!

So last night I went into town with the work lot and got just a tiny bit merry! But here is an outfit post prior to the nights antics.. i.e before the red lipstick turned into face paint and the curly waves turned into a bit of a bush - (I'm exaggerating a little!)

I love this playsuit, the fits so nice and I love the lace trim. :-)