Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Birthday Wish List

It's my birthday next Wednesday and I'm the biggest kid when it comes to excitement for them! My mum and co. have been nagging me about what I would like for my birthday this year. The first thing that came to me was money as I've got a holiday to fund and I've just brought V festival  tickets (all on top of saving for uni woops!) but my mum likes to get me a few bits so I've been racking my brains as I don't even know / want anything in particular.

I'm going to be 19 so it's not a huge birthday or anything so I'm thinking just clothes and bits and bobs would be nice so after a long scan on the Internet here is my birthday wish list ! :D

1. Leela Platform Shoe Boot - sale £19.99 - Daisystreet.co.uk
2.Pandora Charm - £30
3.Mini dress with drop waist and crochet collar - £38.00 - ASOS
4. hanging photo frame - NEXT - £20ish
5.Hanging Clock - livelaughlove.co.uk - £19.25
6. Lace insert shift dress - TOPSHOP - £46.00
7. Classic coral jacket - Zara - £89.00
8.Miss Dior Perfume
9. Lace skater dress - £48.00 - ASOS
10. T-bar wooden block heels in white - £14.99 - eBay
11. Short bodycon dress - £12.00 - Boohoo
I'm not expecting all of this stuff before anybody labels me as spoilt haha hence 'wish list' :).
If you've not came across daisystreet.co.uk before you have to go on. So many bargains on there. I actually came across it myself after reading someone's blog and I've been stuck since, you can get some real good buys on there.
Also, livelaughlove.co.uk is a really cute site if your anything like me and love shabby chic bit and bobs for your bedroom and house :)
I've got a few things planned for my birthday this year, one of them being to see 1D a few days after (yes a big guilty pleasure!:P)haha!
I hope y'all have a good week!


  1. the pandora charm is so cute!


  2. Hope you have a lovely birthday, enjoy your last year of teenagedom! Love your wish list, the coral jacket is lovely. I made a crazy wish list of things I wasn't ever gonna get, it's all apart of the fun (wish list all right!) so don't think you're being spoilt. I'm totally heading to both websites you just mentioned btw.


  3. I love 1 & 10! I love shoes haha

    lovely picks, here's hoping you get at least one of these for your birthday!

    UK High Street Fashion

  4. Those Lita's are SO cute! I hope you get them and everything else on your wishlist! And take a pic with Harry for me ;) haha (he's my fave)

    Also, let me know if you end up liking the BlogGo App :)

    My Blog, Crystal's Beauty Corner