Thursday, 27 June 2013

Leopard and coral.

Outfit post!

I got this playsuit a few months ago in a TOPSHOP sale for £10! Gotta love a bargain :-) I decided to get my legs out today without tanning and WOW what a mistake.. as soon as I got into the light outside I realised that my milk bottles need some serious nurturing :(!

I would write where I got all my things from but to be honest only the necklace is a recent purchase as I'm not really one of them people that wears things once as I realllllllly can't afford it - as much as I wish I could!!

15 days until my holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ;)


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

curls, crosses and knobbly knees

Firstly, why are my pictures going so blurry as soon as I upload them to my posts!?
(somebody helllllllp!?) 

This is just a general outfit post from today! :) This is a dress from last year but I decided I didn't really like it on its own - abit too girly for my liking, so I layered this blue cotton blouse under to give it a bit of a touch. :)
And as for the shoes...
I think I've actually fell in love with these. They seem to be the only shoes that I am wearing recently!
I also went shopping today and got my last - but probably not my final bits for holiday. I go Zante in 17 days yaaaaay!:)
I'll probably create a post over the next few days with all my new holiday gear!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Drinks on!

So last night I went into town with the work lot and got just a tiny bit merry! But here is an outfit post prior to the nights antics.. i.e before the red lipstick turned into face paint and the curly waves turned into a bit of a bush - (I'm exaggerating a little!)

I love this playsuit, the fits so nice and I love the lace trim. :-)


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Layer up!

I've kinda got a thing for layers, I always end up layering old blouses and throwing old concoctions together! This is an outfit I wore out for a fancy meal last week with a friend, we enjoyed some fine dining along with some lush cocktails! Cannot beat cocktails, they're my fave :-)

(serious cod eye in this photo.. my apologies for the off-putting)


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Summer loving


At last I can wear my ASOS skater dress. :) I got this back in March for my Birthday but I've not had chance to wear it until now because of the minging weather! Btw ignore my awful milk bottle legs (nothing a sun bed can't fix!)

I really like this dress with these clumpy cut out wedges and other reaaaaaally high shoes, but on me it doesn't look  right with flats which a bit of shame. It's probably due to my dwarfness that I've been blessed with :(! Other than that I love it as it's really light material along with the paisley duck egg print is perfect for summer!

It also doesn't really need any accessories to accompany it as the print talks for itself, (kinda cheaper too). I've just paired it with a small waist belt to break it up a bit.

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