Tuesday, 25 June 2013

curls, crosses and knobbly knees

Firstly, why are my pictures going so blurry as soon as I upload them to my posts!?
(somebody helllllllp!?) 

This is just a general outfit post from today! :) This is a dress from last year but I decided I didn't really like it on its own - abit too girly for my liking, so I layered this blue cotton blouse under to give it a bit of a touch. :)
And as for the shoes...
I think I've actually fell in love with these. They seem to be the only shoes that I am wearing recently!
I also went shopping today and got my last - but probably not my final bits for holiday. I go Zante in 17 days yaaaaay!:)
I'll probably create a post over the next few days with all my new holiday gear!


  1. Love how you layered it!
    gorgeous <3

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