Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rose Petals, Heartbreak... I was his Marilyn Monroe

I totally loooooove this oversized tee that I purchased from forever 21 a few months ago and the other day I really felt like wearing it again! Marilyn was such a beautiful women so I love that I can wear a bit of her on me when I wear this top! :D

As for these shoes... I recently blogged about them saying how much I wanted them. I originally found them in TOPSHOP for £55 which I thought was a reasonable amount of money. But as I do, I went onto eBay in search of a bigger bargain and found THE EXACT same ones for £29.99 which you can find HERE :D sweeeeet!

This outfit didn't have much colour to it so I added the bright necklace to it. This was from Primark which I purchased a few days ago. I never really like Primark jewellery but I thought this was pretty nice for such a small price tag. :)


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