Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Jeans Day

This is an outfit I wore the other day when going out for a casual meal with a friend. My hair looks slightly weird on the pictures as I've had a full fringe but I hate it so much so trying to grip it back each day is a nightmare and looks a lil messy! Grow hair, grow!

I have recently purchased this blouse from H&M for £14.00. I love the faded look so it's not to in your face and can be worn day-to-day. I layered it up with what was a leather jacket but I got bored one day and did a bit of DIY on it and cut the shoulders off. Can't get much more tight than that - just watching my money that's all haha!:)

These are also new jeans from zara..I was in desperate need for some more jeans and for £20 I couldn't go wrong. They also do the same cut in white which I'm definitely going to purchase for le summer!:)

I loooooove these earrings that I have in, I got given them for my birthday last year and still wear them so much! Gotta love over sized earrings.

(sorry for the blur that's come out with my pictures - my cam is a bit/a lot broke.)




  1. This outfits so cute and I love your glasses!

  2. Really cute shirt!!

    Fiona xo