Monday, 7 January 2013


To me, this years sales, overall have been pretty disappointing, (which maybe is a good thing as i usually end up blowing my entire months wage in a day). Although here are some of the things I brought!

Checked shirt - ZARA
Originally £29.99
Brought for £22.99

I love checked shirts and I have a big collection mounding up in my wardrobe. This shirt really stood out to me as it's longer at the back and I like shirts like this. The material is also very soft and light and can be worn for a lot of casual occasions!

Originally - £30(ish)
Brought for - £10

I brought this for a night out to wear with my leather look trousers. I've never been overly keen on this top as every man and his dog owns it but for a tenner I was like, 'WHY NOT!?' It was a spare of the moment kinda thing so I'll probably end up eBaying this when I can be bothered!

Necklace - TOPSHOP
Originally - £15(ish)
Brought for - £6

When I saw this Necklace I completely fell in love with it despite it being in the sale. It's so pretty and different and that's what attracted me to it. Apparently TOPSHOP do some matching earrings which I'm still on the hunt for!

Dress - ASOS
Originally - £95
Brought for - £47.50

I'm not going to ramble on too much about this dress as I have done a whole post about it. Although this was my best buy in the sales this year. And in fact ASOS sale really impressed me above all other retailers! This dress by Fairground really Reminded me of one of Alexander McQueens collections. Alexander McQueen is MY FAVE designer of all designers!!!

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