Thursday, 24 January 2013


Last year we saw the likes of Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs wow the fashion audiences with their block black and white designs. Both shows and collections were truly amazing, mixing heavy prints with sophisticated silhouettes. And now as the designs sieve down to the highstreet, monochrome seems to be everywhereeee!

Marc Jacobs SS13:

Louis Vuitton SS13:

Some of my favourite High Street interpretations featuring the famous monochrome look:

Combined Faux leather coat £69.99 - ZARA

Pleated shirt £36.00 - ASOS

Faded vertical square dress -                                                                                                                             MOTEL - £35.00

New look block peplum top - £14.99

The high street has really stepped up to this new trend as I am seeing it in nearly every high street store at the moment.
I especially love MOTEL's collection of monochrome, they have a wide range and like the dress shown above they have took a slightly different spin on the black and white theme. Their prices are also really reasonable.

Although we're seeing it everywhere, I LOVE IT!

Meg xo


  1. yesss love this. The Louis Vuitton ad campaign is so slick andddd I agree with you on the motel rocks- that dress is my fave! likeeeee your blog, wanna follow each other? have started following you anyway, xxoxoxoxo

  2. Loving the current trend!
    Shopping this month is really going to hurt my bank account
    S xx

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