Thursday, 17 January 2013

Life's so much better with a full set of claws

I've become increasingly obsessed with all things nails.
Out with the square and in with the clawwwwwwws!
The above images are my own nails, I'm kinda obsessed with painting them and making them feel fresh! If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably be bored of my constant nail updates ;)
On the nail and instagram subject I follow @wahnails . Some of their designs are pretty impressive. Here is some of my favourites.
On my next visit to London I will definitely be popping into see one of the Wah Nail technicians and getting some art to my fingertips.
Meg xo


  1. i love the matt black nail varnish


  2. I love your nails! The second color is my fav sooo pretty <3

  3. Love this!
    Nail inspiration or what?
    S xx